Wintertime Fitness

We were asked “what do you do in winter to keep the horses fit?” That is a very important question. We get winter ice and snow but we don’t have an indoor arena on the farm. We need to come up with creative ways to keep horses and riders in training. Here are 10 of our favorite solutions: Continue reading “Wintertime Fitness”

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Some semblance of peace has replaced the hubbub of the holidays: Denise and I actually took a trail ride the other day. And with New Year’s Eve looming, my thoughts naturally turn to resolutions.

I pulled out my goal sheets from last year. I mentally checked off the “completes” as I read down the list. I was surprised and excited by how many I had achieved, even when I wasn’t thinking about it. That’s part of the power of written goals. Continue reading “Happy New Year!”