Equestrian Top 10 “Bucket List”

This morning, The Irish Independent ran an Equestrian Top 10 List of things to do before you die.  The columnist was inspired by the recent Hollywood blockbuster, The Bucket List, starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman as two terminally ill cancer patients working their way through their own “before-we-kick-the-bucket” lists.

  1. Go to Badminton Horse Trials
  2. Ride Side-saddle
  3. Play Polo
  4. Drive a horse-drawn carriage
  5. Attend a rodeo
  6. Go to Aintree
  7. Attend a horse fair
  8. Go on an equestrian safari
  9. Watch a puissance class
  10. Swim with your horse

Check out the complete article here.

What’s on YOUR bucket list?

Horse Video Rental Discovery

I just found this great site that rents horse videos. They have a ton of stuff I would love to see, but buying them all would break the bank. A perfect solution? I think we’ve found it!

Great selection of natural horsemanship videos, too. You name the clinician, they got ’em: Clinton Anderson, Buck Brannaman, Craig Cameron, Chris Cox, Ed Dabney, Andrea Fappani, Tommy Garland, Gawani Pony Boy, Julie Goodnight, Cherry Hill, Ray Hunt, Linda Tellington Jones, John Lyons/Josh Lyons, Dr Robert Miller, Lynn Palm, Pat and Linda Parelli, Curt Pate, Mark Rashid, Kerry Ridgway, Karen Scholl, Sally Swift, Anna Twinney, Stacy Westfall and Charles Wilhelm.

Check it out! Your Horse Matters

Natural Horsemanship Spoof

Now, we know that natural horsemanship is based on common sense. Clinicians out there who claim their own Mysterious Mustang Mojo or promote their expensive, instant fix wunderproducts give natural horse training methods a bad rap. We found this hilarious spoof on just such a “trainer.”