Gideon: Fancy Pony Hunter Prospect

Gideon is smart, sensitive, and super fancy! At just under 14.2 with a warmblood look, Gideon turns heads in the pony hunters. Gideon is taking the “natural” road to the show ring and the results are impressive:  Gideon captures Champion or  Reserve Champion every time out.  Outside the ring, he enjoys trail rides and has ridden to hounds with a junior rider.

gideon show pony for sale

Gideon show pony for sale trail class

pony hunter for sale

Gideon is looking for a quiet, confident rider to take him to the next level.

Jonesway Metallica

Alli is a 1999 registered Clydesdale mare standing 17.1 hands high. In her past life, she’s been a driving horse, a lesson horse, and a very successful broodmare.  Since her arrival at the farm, she has been an integral part of our family!

Alli’s roles have varied through the years.  She has taught lessons to a variety of students ranging from raw beginner on up.  During the  “Snowmageddon” which crippled the Mid-Atlantic, she proved to be the original SUV-Scottish Utility Vehicle, that is!  She broke trails through 3’+ deep snow, carried me along fencelines to repair or free fence from drifts, and pulled sleds of grain (and people!) to distant pastures.

When my husband’s beloved Belgian was injured just before a Medieval Reenactment, Alli stepped in seamlessly as his number one Charger.  He wrote about the experience of their first introduction here , and of flash-training her to the games under pressure here and here .  Alli not only carried Mark to tournament glory-bitless!- but patiently carried several other “horseless” equestrians.

Later that same season, Alli carried Mark on his first taste of riding to foxhounds with the calm steadiness she has become known for.


Alli tilting the Quintain (video, please click to view):

Alli on the Knight’s Challenge(video, please click to view):

The long and the short of it- welcoming little Jasmine to the farm:

A sultry, Scottish afternoon:





About our Equine Alumni: They’ve Moved On!

Our goal at Almost Heaven Horse Source is to bring horses and riders together in powerful partnership. We all celebrate when the perfect match is found! Congratulations to the following horses and their new owners! This category is dedicated to you!

Angus MacCloud – 2005 Thoroughbred Shire Sport Horse

Congratulations! We know Angus will be a well-loved addition to a wonderful family!

Thoroughbred Shire Sport Horse Gelding for sale

tb shire horse for sale hunt event show

We are absolutely crazy about Angus, our 6 year old, 16.1 hand Shire-TB! With his great mind, cloud-like gaits, and storybook look., what’s not to love!

Friends leased our TB Deva’s Delight, now known as Angel’s Gift. They bred her to the breathtaking registered Shire, Knutsford Edward. Thus came Angus into this world. When they found they couldn’t keep horses any longer, we joyfully welcomed him home!

Angus has the sweet personality and trainability of his mama, and his daddy’s power and charisma. His groundwork and long-lining are solid.   He has been lightly started under saddle.  Even before he was officially “started,”  Angus came along for many of our off-the-farm adventures where he has learned to trailer quietly, to wait calmly, and to focus on his person though the chaos of the show grounds. This gorgeous youngster is becoming quite the worldly gentleman… and he never fails to attract an admiring crowd!


Everyone Loves Angus…even Argent the barncat!

Even as a youngster, Angus was irresistable!  In this photo I’d brought him in for a trim… and couldn’t resist hopping up on him for a bareback ride around the paddock.

Enjoy this clip of Angus’ sire, Knutsford Edward:

FireStorm – 2003 RPSI cross mare

Updated 9/29/2012: Congratulations Tim on your awesome new horse; and congratulations Stormy on your incredible new life 🙂 We hope to be hearing lots of great stories about both of you in the coming years!


Stormy: 15.1 RPSI cross filly mare,  born 2003. Chestnut with lots of chrome. Her personality is as flamboyant as her presence! Her grandsire is Starman, Anne Kursinski’s fabulous Olympic showjumper.

Stormy Trotting

Stormy has a strong foundation, including natural horsemanship groundwork, longeing, and ground driving.  She was started under saddle as a 4 year old, but we would definitely recommend a refresher as she has not been in work. She loads, bathes, etc. Stormy’s story reads like a fairytale. She is looking for the right person to live out her happily-ever-after!

Stormy at Rest

Stormy in the Maze

Stormy in the Waterfall

Partway there… And a bit closer

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From Samantha Stilley in Harpers Ferry, WV

Hi Kirsten it’s Sam Stilley from yesterday. 

I just wanted to thank you so much for your help with Leo. I worked with him again today and he was phenomenal! It took him less then ten minutes to load into the open trailer, then less than five more minutes after that to load into it with the one side closed. He even self loaded for me twice! By the end of our hour long session he had loaded multiple times and the last time he walked right in like a champ with no hesitations and no pauses what so ever! I think within a few more practices he will be loading this way every time and will self-load in no time as well! He is so calm and comfortable in the trailer as well which is something I never thought would come this soon. I was able to load him, give him some treats and love, and then walk away from him to shut him in and close the rear bar all on my own! He never even got uncomfortable or tried to back out when I left his side to walk around and shut him in. I feel like your training method really clicked with him, and for me too! Now I can be excited about taking him places and not worry about how I’m going to get him there and home safely. Thanks again so much and I’ll keep you updated on his progress.


2nd Update & progress report!!!:

Hi again! Just thought you might like to know that I practiced with Leo for about 15mins today and he probably loaded over 8 times in that time span! He is really doing better and better every day and is almost pulling me to the trailer when he sees the ramp is down. Thanks again so much!


Celebrity Status – 6 yo Mare – Placed!

Congratulations on your new home!!!


Celebrity Status

saddlebred sport horse for sale

This lovely, talented horse was bred by Steffanie Simpson at White Hall Farm. You may contact her directly by email at or phone at 304-728-1114 and 304-283-2854.

Drummer Boy – 2007 Pinto Friesian Percheron Cross Gelding

Let this extraordinary Pinto Friesian Percheron cross color your world!  His look-at-me markings (complete with rare ink-spots) complement his correct conformation and movement.

Drummer Boy has a comical, sweet personality that make training sessions a true joy. His solid foundation includes natural horsemanship type groundwork, sacking out, longeing, and ground driving.  Drummer Boy is currently priced at $4900 or best reasonable offer. He will be started under saddle next month, and his price will increase then.