Dolly Madison to miss Siege of Glengary 2009 Equestrian

It is sadly and with heavy heart,
Do heavy horse not take her part,
Unsound of hoof shall miss the beat
Of drums and chants and marching feet

A mighty steed made weak by chance
And foul unlucky happenstance
Siege of Glengary will miss her thunder
Until the next year’s tales of wonder


Yep, unless an especially kind Lord creates miracles of hoof growth, my mighty warhorse Dolly will miss Siege of Glengary.

She is, of course, receiving the absolute best of care, but there is no reasonable expectation that shell be anything resembling sound in 10 days… and it would probably be unwise to try even if she does make radical moves towards four-leggedness.

As far as my riding goes, I will be continuing to work with Ally to prepare for the Equestrian Games at Siege of Glengary 2009.

I suppose there are a lot worse fates in this world than having a big, beautiful Clydesdale with lots of feather to ride as an alternate mount. They are about the same size heightwise, and its possible that Dollys barding will fit. And shes a Scot breed, so its even appropriate!

Of course, the only less period name I can think of than Dolly Madison happens to be Metallica, Allys proper name! LOL I hope everyone has a sense of humour!

Well, that all for now. Assuming no major training/weapons issues, Ill be changing mounts for Glengary.

Sliante Mhath!


Mongol Derby

Ghengis Khan’s horse-powered postal system played a crucial role in expanding and maintaining his vast empire.  On August 22, a cadre of bold adventurers will resurrect the Mongolian post in the longest horse race in the world.

The Mongol Derby spans 1000 km.  Every 40 km, competitors will ride into morin urtuu, horse stations.  They will have the opportunity to eat, rest a (if desired) and saddle a fresh steed for the next leg of the journey.

Over 700 native Mongolian horses are expected to take part in the adventure.

The Mongol Derby is steeped in controversy.  Animal welfare concerns brew amidst conflicting communications.  Politics between nations and organizations threaten to overshadow sportsmanship and achievment.

Read about the race at:

Read about the controversy at:

Clinic Teaser

We are currently incubating a combination Jousting/Mounted Archery clinic with Alexander Caithnes and his lady!

Date TBA after Ice Dragon.

Authorizations Scheduling Change

Gunnarr and Banshee will be traveling down from Endless Hills to conduct authorizations for our local equestrians on Saturday, April 4.  The bad weather back up date will be April 18.

Sylvan Glen Equestrian Practices

We are thrilled to have 2 equestrian practices on the calendar so far.

On Feb 21 we will be holding an unofficial equestrian get together.
Alexander, Aethelmearc’s current KEO will be coming down as well as
Gunnar, the Equestrian Marshal for Siege.

On March 21 Gunnar will be coming down again along with Banshee and/or
his lady to authorize riders.

We will no doubt be locking in more dates as the season advances, and
encourage equestrians to participate in nearby Atlantian practices.

Practices will be held at Almost Heaven Horse Source in Leetown (Mark
and Kirsten’s family farm) and are weather dependent. We will post
details and directions closer to the date. There are a FEW horses
available to rent for intermediate and advanced riders. Please
contact me as soon as possible if you think you may want to ride.

Rules for the games, and many other resources are on the kingdom
equestrian site at
Googling “sca equestrian” and suchlike will provide endless hours of
entertainment and inspiration. At some point I promise I’ll put all my
favorite historical horsey hangouts in one spot…

Wanna play but don’t want to ride? We can’t pull it off without our
wonderful groundcrew! Come to the practices and start becoming
familiar with our beloved steeds, the crazy things we do and ways you
can join in!

So, mark your calendars, read your rulebooks, and shoot me any
questions you may have.

Equestrian at Stierback Baronial Birthday

With great delight I announce that there will be equestrian at the Steirbach Baronial Birthday the last weekend of August at the Clarke Co. Fairgrounds. That’s a hop skip and a jump away from us–huzzah!GREAT job, Alienor, for pulling this together. You rock!

Equestrian at Siege of Glengary

Equestrian events are returning to Siege of Glengary in the Shire of Sylvan Glen!
Yippeee! Thank you Margarita for your persistance in securing the site we’ve dreamed of since the Lazy A days!Equestrian events are fun to participate in and exciting to watch. Our
magnificent steeds carry us back to the very roots of chivalry and the
dream we continue to create. As we thunder towards towards September,
please let me know how you would like to be involved.

If you ride, we can help you get started with the games. If you love
horses, being a groundcrewsman is a wonderful way to get your feet
wet, and again, we can get you going.

Your input will help us shape the road to Glengary. How can we help
you further the dream?