The Jousting Warhorse

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2008 Maryland Renaissance Festival 

2007 October Atlantian Equestrian Practice

2005 The Armored Horse in Europe Exhibition


2008 Maryland Renaissance Festival Noon Joust 5 videos

2008 Maryland Renaissance Festival Evening Joust 4 videos

 Other Peoples Videos

Royal Armouries: The home of world jousting

Medieval jousting and riding in Rohan Stables

Medieval Jousting Red Crow Events 

Kassai Horseback archery Promo Video 

Hun Warriors

Mongolian Naadam Festival 

How the Mongol Bow is Made


 Other People’s SCA Videos

Emprise from Gulf Wars XVI

SCA Games: Pigsticking

Emprise of the Black Lion VI Jousting 

Stacy’s ETI War Games Clinic Demo 

Valiant’s and my first time with armour and caprison

SCA Equestrian Crest Tourney 1 

SCA Equestrian Crest Tourney 2 

Gunnar and Banshee at Naadam 

Siusie at Naadam

tiercelin at naadam


Other People’s Jousting Videos

Historic Enterprises Inc’s Knight School, Feb 2, 2008 

Noble Cause Productions “Greatest Hits” 

Noble Cause Rock 1 

Full Tilt Jousting 

Jousting in Darwin 

Full Tilt Promo2

Royal Armouries Joust 2007 (CLIP), August, pt 1 

Royal Armouries Joust 2007 (CLIP), August, pt 2 

Rock Empire Lancers Promo

Other People’s “Other” Videos 😉

(English Optional)

Testing a new Medieval Saddle 

High & Late Medieval Knights

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