New Art and Photography Website… Soft launched

Hey All, stealing Kirsten’s login to let you all know that Kirsten Lee ARta nd Photography now has a new blog at

Go check it out! Work in progress, stay tuned!

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A different Protection: Cranberry Lake Foundation

The Canadian geese in the distance honk to the setting sun.

The national parks are the American public agreeing, knowingly or not, to put stewardship  in the hands of scientists, naturalists and elected officials. But the land I’m on now, where the geese finally quiet and the beaver swims up to stare at me fully in the face before satisfying his curiosity: this is private land. They have taken ownership to new levels. They care for it after their death, it’s tiny compared to the vastness our public spaces. But it is more land that is protected.  And today, many might argue that it is more safe.

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Site migration foibles…

Please bear with me as I rebuild the remainder of the website after the move to AWS… Some of my old customizations need to be redone in new and improved ways. Thanks! Mark

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About Our Horses for Sale

We enjoy developing horses potentials and abilities. We know we can’t be every horse’s very own person. We CAN prepare the horse and open doors to find that person!

We take our time with the horses we represent. We develop a rigorous foundation in each horse using classical dressage and natural horsemanship, establishing a solid base of trust, confidence, and problem-solving ability. We let their individual temperaments and talents help us guide them towards the specialties in which they’ll thrive.

Our horses are friendly, respectful and fun friends on the ground. Under saddle, our horses learn lightness, responsiveness and partnership. The result? An unforgettable ride!

We honestly represent the horses we offer for sale. Because most people’s relationship with their horses is a fairy-tale come true, we strive to create ‘happily-ever-afters!’

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About our Equine Alumni: They’ve Moved On!

Our goal at Almost Heaven Horse Source is to bring horses and riders together in powerful partnership. We all celebrate when the perfect match is found! Congratulations to the following horses and their new owners! This category is dedicated to you!

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From Inga Fricke, Cumberland, MD

Finding a boarding facility that will provide your horse the same level of care and attention you would provide yourself, if you could, is the dream of every horse owner.  For me, finding Kirsten Lee was the answer to that dream.  In the years I boarded at Kirsten’s I never once worried about whether my boys were getting the best of care, an immeasurable relief to me.   And the icing on the cake was having Kirsten as a riding instructor — her patience and kindness is unparalleled, even with a “permanent beginner” like me!  I can’t recommend Kirsten highly enough, whether you’re looking to board your horse, improve your riding skills, or refresh/advance  your horse’s abilities.  I can say without reservation that you will never regret your decision to board/train/ride with her!

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From Kasia Wilusz, Burlington, CT

For the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to observe Kirsten Lee work with young Pony Clubbers on often unsuitable mounts.  Her natural ability to effectively communicate to these aspiring riders is unsurpassed.  It’s amazing how quickly positive change happens with just the adjustment of seat and hands and positive reinforcement. These kids come out of the ring happier and excited for their next ride.

I’ve become so impressed with Kirsten I now trailer over 6 hours to have her work with me as a rider and the retraining of my mare.  In just a few sessions, she has my mare rounding and coming onto the bit in a more balanced carriage-something I thought I would never get.

The most obvious difference in Kirsten’s methods from other trainers I’ve worked with is she takes the time to assess and get to know the animal as a “person.” She’s not just applying 1 method for all of her charges.  She gets into each of their heads and figures out what will work with this horse in this moment.  Then, she takes the capabilities of the rider and brings them together in a way that is just magical.

Thank you, Kirsten, for me, my daughters, their horses, and many Pony Clubbers and their mounts!

Kasia Wilusz, Burlington, CT



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Drummer Boy

16+ hand 2007 Pinto Friesian/Percheron.  “Spotty” is a striking black and white paint with rare ink spot markings inside the larger white patches.  His movement is as eye-catching as his color!  He is smart and willing with a hilarious personality.  He is an easy keeper and lives out in peacefully in whatever herd we put him in.


Spotty has all his groundwork in place.  He needs someone with more time than his owner to get him going under saddle and into a successful career!

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A new testimonial from Joann in Charles Town, WV

“I found Kirsten by word of mouth from a family member and started to look at her Facebook page and business website. My first thought was that I could never afford such a lovely place, operated by such a well known, skilled equestrian. I soon realized that we had many mutual friends and I asked a few about Kirsten and loved everything that I heard. Prior to our time at Kirsten’s farm, I had no hands on horse experience. My eight year old son had taken riding lessons but I never paid attention to anything except for him riding so this world was foreign to me. My son was given a lovely, well trained and beautiful horse and it was an opportunity that I could not pass however I had no idea what to do. I was very honest with Kirsten and quite frankly, I was not sure if she would accept us given the fact that I was clueless. Well, the opposite happened. Kirsten took me under her wing as a new horse mom and went above and beyond to help me make sure that the dream of owning a horse became a reality. I have learned so much and she has taught me with so much patience, love, and understanding while always encouraging me that I could do it (and never a hint of laughter or frustration even when I put the saddle on backwards). My son has blossomed under Kirsten and his love of the other horses, cats, beautiful scenery and Mr. Mark’s heavy farm equipment has made his experience even more enjoyable. Words cannot adequately express my sincere gratitude for Kirsten and Mark. We are beyond blessed to be a part of the farm family.”

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“Assault” 5 year old AWR Gelding

We can’t say enough nice things about this horse! Bred to succeed,  “Assault” was the First Premium Site Champion at his foal inspection! This 5 year old 16.1 gelding is by an AWR approved son of Puerto D’Azur (BWP) out of a registered Quatogan Du Vieux Chateaux (BWP) mare. He is registered with the American Warmblood Registry.  Assault is a bright chestnut with flashy chrome lending to his stunning presence. He is an easy horse to work with, with a remarkably willing and laid back personality.


Assault had an idyllic upbringing, running the hills of his breeder’s farm.  Those of you who prefer to let youngsters mature physically before starting into work-this is the horse for you!  He had just begun ground training when his owner’s health forced her to give up horses. Assault longes, loads, clips, bathes, wears tack and is learning contact with sidereins.  The video clip does not do him justice!

Assault has taken each step in stride- no fuss, and no hint of buck. He is ready to start under saddle and thrive in any direction he is taken.
Priced at $4900 for simple sale, due to owner’s health.


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