Welcome to natural-horse-training-methods.com and the Natural Horse Training Methods Blog! These sites have their roots in my core beliefs, and take flight on wings of daily experience with the horses and people I train.

What do I mean by that? I was a horse crazy little girl that grew up to become a horse crazy adult. Horses helped form who I am, and who I can help others become. My passion is unlocking the secrets of what makes horses and people tick, and how to combine them to tick with each other.

I believe that horses and horse people are doing what they think is best, using what tools they know. The question is, what tools are those? What kind of training have they had? What kind of advice have they received, and from whom? Hand in hand is the belief that the majority of abuses that occur in the horse world arise out of ignorance. The Natural Horse Training Methods Blog is my way of reaching out into the horse world. I believe by “paying forward” all we have learned (and keep learning!) from horses and horse people who have gone before me, I can make a difference.

What do I mean by “wings of daily experience?” My best teachers have been my students. I’ve been a professional horse trainer all my life, yet I continue to learn daily from horses and riders as they strive for unity. My students give life to words in a book and to ideas bounced around between training philosophies. They are proof that when truth doesn’t match up to theory, it doesn’t pay to deny or complain, but to figure out “why” and “where we go from here.”

The study of natural horsemanship and natural horse training methods continues to be a lifetime journey. It is a journey we love to share, as we gain knowledge and inspiration from each other! Introduce yourselves and your horses, ride awhile with us. Welcome to the adventure!

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