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Equestrian anachronists have the knowledge of the world at their fingertips! These are some of the sites that have inspired, informed, assisted or simply amused us through the years!


Aethelmearc’s Equestrian Webpage

Inter-Kingdom Equestrian Competition

Atlantian Equestrian Links

Donwenna’s Equestrian Information Site

Madrone Equestrian Guild

Society Equestrian Officer’s Page

Conroi Rae Fen


Annisa Gabrelli’s Equestrian Pages

Costume of the Military Horse

Horse Barding

Make German Strap Barding

Ilaria’s Overview of Barding

How to make equestrian barding-Ilaria’s


National Jousting Association “Maryland style” jousting

International Jousting Association

International Jousting League

Mounted Archery

World Horseback Archery Federation

Schools and Troupes




The New Riders of the Golden Age

American Jousting Alliance

Knight School

Nova Hollandia

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Natural Friesian Horse Mark’s engagement ring to Kirsten is a Friesian Filly.  This is her blog.

Laughing Gypsy Photography Kirsten’s images

Terrawolf Photography Mark’s images

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