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Enjoy our horses’ training and development as if you were our ringside guest! We pattern our logical, progressive program on classical horse training principles and natural horsemanship. From these time-tested training techniques we create a custom curriculum for each equine.

All our horses receive a solid foundation before focusing their strengths into a specialty. We believe cross-training is as valuable for horses as for people. You will find, for example, a trophy-winning show hunter with dressage scores, trail riding miles and medieval reenacting experience!

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This extraordinary 5 year old TB mare continually impresses us with her long, fluid movement and laid-back personality!

Lucy is named after another remarkable chestnut mare who was bred on our farm generations ago. Cavalry General JEB Stuart was was so impressed by the original Lucy that he purchased her from my Great-great-great-great Grandfather and gave her to General Robert E. Lee as a token of esteem. Both Lee’s hands had just been broken by Traveller, who apparently was less than reliable on the battlefield. The steady, courageous Lucy instantly became General Lee’s favorite and carried him unscathed through battle before she became in foal. As flashy grey stallions present a more dashing public image, history lauds Traveller as General Lee’s constant partner. The trustworthy Lucy faded into near obscurity.

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 Schooling at the Jefferson County Fair Horse Show

Medieval Equestrian Practice at Abhainn Iarthur

Trail Ride at Antietam Battlefield

Trip to MPHSA Horse Show


 Safely topping out just under 14.2 hands, Gideon reminds us of nothing so much as a pony-sized warmblood. Judges love him too: at his very first horse show Gideon swept the Pony Division to win the Championship!

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Jefferson County Fair Horse Show

MPHSC Horse Show


We are absolutely crazy about Angus! Friends leased Deva’s Delight, now known as Angel’s Gift. They bred her to the breathtaking registered Shire, Knutsford Edward. Thus came Angus into this world. When they found they couldn’t keep horses any longer, we joyfully welcomed him home!

Angus has the sweet personality and trainability of his mama, and his daddy’s power and charisma. His groundwork and long-lining are solid, and he is beginning under-saddle training. Angus comes along for many of our off-the-farm adventures. This gorgeous youngster is becoming quite the worldly gentleman!

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Video of Angus’ sire, Knutsford Edward

Trip to MPHSA Horse Show


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