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Mongol Derby

Ghengis Khan’s horse-powered postal system played a crucial role in expanding and maintaining his vast empire. On August 22, a cadre of bold adventurers will resurrect the Mongolian post in the longest horse race in the world. Continue reading

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Modern Medieval Cavalry Drills

In 1862 Brigadier General Phillip Cooke compiled “Cooke’s Cavalry Tactics” to educate and train cavalry horsemen.  Sir Wulfric Peverel of Meridies rewrote the relevent portions of the manual for SCA Equestrian use.  Click here to enjoy!

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Modern Cavalry Challenge-Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event 2009

Lexington , Kentucky is the heartbeat of America’s horse country.  Each year in April, elite riders from around the world gather at the Kentucky Horse Park to test themselves and their horses against the course at the Rolex Three-Day Event. … Continue reading

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New Findings in Horse Domestication

Recent findings suggest that domestication of horses occurred 5500 years ago, 1000 years earlier than previously thought.  A site from the Krasnyi Yar in Kazakhstan, home of the Botai culture, yielded equine jawbones that show evidence of bit use, and … Continue reading

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“Armored Horse in Europe”:NYC Met-stravaganza

in 2005 my dear SCA friend Sueva did the books for my business.  Around that time I found out she’d never been to the the amazing museums of NYC which were my playground in my northern incarnation.  I was horrified–Sueva … Continue reading

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Genghis Khan’s Mongolia

The Mongol influence infiltrated history on horses’ hooves.  We’re not traveling to Houston this spring, but we can still enjoy this phenomenal exhibit that claims to change the way the world views the Mongol Empire.  Enjoy! 

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Challenging Chariots

Long before the first mounted warrior swung a leg over the back of a mighty steed, chariots were the deadly equine weapon of choice.  In approximately 1345 BC, the Mittanian horse master Kikkuli authored the oldest known written horse training … Continue reading

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