Challenging Chariots

Long before the first mounted warrior swung a leg over the back of a mighty steed, chariots were the deadly equine weapon of choice.  In approximately 1345 BC, the Mittanian horse master Kikkuli authored the oldest known written horse training treatise (remember Xenophon wasn’t even BORN until around 430 BC.)  “The Kikkuli Text,” discusses the training and care of the chariot horses which allowed the Hittites and later the Assyrians to conquer their empires.  For thousands of years, victory rode behind, rather than upon, the warhorse.

The Discovery Channel teamed up with one of my favorite modern-day horsemen, Tommy Turvey, for an episode of Weapons Masters.  The challenge?  Improve on the design of a weapons system successful through centuries!  (We’ll stick with horses!)



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