Andalusian Mane Braiding Video

We just found a wonderful Andalusian website which contains a clip of French braiding the mane.  This is a simple and elegant way of keeping your Friesian’s mane out of the way while riding or showing.  We hope the video helps!

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  1. iberiahorse says:

    Thank You Kirsten for that simple link to our website, and your kind words.

    (We have just had an unpleasant situation where someone is selling her e-book – and offering our video as her free gift!)

    We give open access to our films – all people have to do is be open and honest, and just ask!

    We have our first Friesan video showing – he is trained in the spanish discipline of Doma Vaquera. I was amazed at what a wonderful temperament he has – I am more familiar with the Andalusian.

    Best Regards
    J in Spain

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