Siege of Glengary

Oyez, oyez!

The splendor and chivalry of Equestrian events are returning to the Siege of Glengary in the fair Shire of Sylvan Glen from September 25-27, 2009. Return to the Middle Ages for IKEqC games, a presentation before Royalty, and a challenge to Rescue the Revered Sylver Stag! (Events are open to evolution.)

The event: Siege Of Glengary

The host: The Shire of Sylvan Glen

The site: Jefferson County Fairgrounds

The schedule: Tentative Equestrian Schedule

How YOU can play: Getting Started with Horses in the SCA

Please check back often as details are hashed out and posted.

Puruse our blog posts for tips on training, traveling, and competing in these current Middle Ages.

For more information contact Kirsten Lee at laughinggypsy at gmail dot com

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