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Happy Birthday to Grace!

Happy birthday to you! Grace turns 4 today; and I just found out that she shares her fourth birthday with Secretariats 40th. Small wonder, her thunder! Dang can she move in a hurry when she wants! I best not forget … Continue reading

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Abetta Trinity/Serenity Endurance Saddle for Sale

This is a lightly used Abetta Trinity/Serenity endurance saddle with a  15″ seat and extra wide 7″ full quarter horse bars for a fantastic fit.  This lightweight saddle has a super-comfy memory foam seat to make those long hours in … Continue reading

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On Helmets… Every Ride!

I ride motorcycles. I ride horses. I wear a helmet for both. In the motorcycle world, we call it ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time). My wife says in Pony Club it was “Every Ride, Every Time”. Continue reading

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Easy Acupressure for Equestrians

We are all focused on our horses’ well-being.  Tack fit, nutritional needs, fitness, massage, training… no topic is too minute for the caring horseman to address. All too often we fail to turn this discerning focus onto ourselves.  Sally Swift, … Continue reading

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Winter Horsemanship Fun

Test your knowledge of horses and horsemanship at this great website hosted by the Canadian Pony Club: This is an interactive quiz with questions sorted by skill level. Be quick! The clock is ticking!

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