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On Helmets… Every Ride!

I ride motorcycles. I ride horses. I wear a helmet for both. In the motorcycle world, we call it ATGATT (All The Gear, All The Time). My wife says in Pony Club it was “Every Ride, Every Time”. Continue reading

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Metallica – Training Heavy Horse

Training a heavy war horse for medieval mounted games. Even the bravest Destrier starts off as a horse like any other. The difference is a solid foundation of trust! Continue reading

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Clydesdale Rides Trail! Putting the Natural in Horsemanship

Clydesdale Rides Trail! Putting the Natural in Horsemanship Yesterday was a story of turning bad happenings into good results. A bit of background: Much to both mine and Dolly’s chagrin, after spending the afternoon on Tuesday last week mowing the … Continue reading

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Clicker training saves the night!

There are times when training is a calm sunny day in a round pen with a brave, intelligent horse. There are also the times when conditions are less than optimum, yet even a frightened horse can achieve a major breakthrough. … Continue reading

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On quality education…

It’s been a while since Ive taken the opportunity to post here. Silly, really, since I’m the guy who keeps the virtual places virtually intact :=) I had some really nice observations the other day as Dolly and I were … Continue reading

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