Horse Training

Relationships begin and thrive through communication. “Training” begins with clarifying communication, and continues using this newly honed language to develop the mind and body, achieving progressively more difficult feats. Natural horsemanship works with classical dressage principles to establish crystal clear communication and achieve that mental and physical development.

Regardless of the horse’s intended specialty, we may use challenge obstacles, trail riding, cavaletti, and gymnastic jumping to develop a well-rounded, mentally fit partner. Endless variety keeps the horses interested and engaged as they gain increasing strength and skills.

A plan is only as successful as the tools it relies on. A lifetime learning from horses and listening at the feet of knowledgeable horse people in different disciplines has given us an extensive and widely varied toolbox! We incorporate techniques that are older than Xenophon as well as on the cutting edge of modern research. We evaluate your horse and your goals and create a practical plan to achieve success.

We offer training at our farm or yours. Choose between individual sessions, or pick the package that best suits your needs to enjoy substantial savings!

Start your horse right- build a solid foundation for success in any riding discipline

Refresh or complete your horse’s existing foundation

Learn new skills or sports- build ability and have more fun cross-training your horse

Conquer your horse’s dark past- overcome “problem” behaviors and give your horse new peace with people


Standard Success Package: $170.00 Per Week

Includes full-care field board, custom program design, and a minimum of 4 hours a week training.

Accelerated Success Package: Custom Fee Schedule

For those on a tighter timeframe, or who wish to supersize their results!

All the benefits of our Standard Success Package plus additional training hours billed at a deeply discounted $30/hour.

** Note- we WILL NOT push a horse faster than we believe is beneficial. We train for enjoyment, soundness and success over the long haul, not quick fixes or 30-day wonders**

Contact us today to develop a program that will achieve your dreams and fit your budget!

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