“Armored Horse in Europe”:NYC Met-stravaganza

in 2005 my dear SCA friend Sueva did the books for my business.  Around that time I found out she’d never been to the the amazing museums of NYC which were my playground in my northern incarnation.  I was horrified–Sueva is of strong artistic bent–if anyone NEEDS to enjoy these museums, it’s her.  As a “thank you” I hosted her on a great metropolitan adventure.

We had ulterior motives.  Sueva is an accomplished glassworker.  She was in the process of recreating a vibrantly-colored stained glass piece… from a black and white photo.  That piece resides at  the Cloisters, a reproduced monastery in the Bronx which houses much of the Met’s medieval collection.  And it just so happened that the “Armored Horse in Europe” exhibition was running alongside the Met’s amazing permanent armor collection.

Off we went, artistic spirits hungry, camera in hand.  I recently found my photo archives from this adventure, including pieces that are STILL on my list of things to recreate, along with documentation.  Enjoy!

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