A new testimonial from Joann in Charles Town, WV

“I found Kirsten by word of mouth from a family member and started to look at her Facebook page and business website. My first thought was that I could never afford such a lovely place, operated by such a well known, skilled equestrian. I soon realized that we had many mutual friends and I asked a few about Kirsten and loved everything that I heard. Prior to our time at Kirsten’s farm, I had no hands on horse experience. My eight year old son had taken riding lessons but I never paid attention to anything except for him riding so this world was foreign to me. My son was given a lovely, well trained and beautiful horse and it was an opportunity that I could not pass however I had no idea what to do. I was very honest with Kirsten and quite frankly, I was not sure if she would accept us given the fact that I was clueless. Well, the opposite happened. Kirsten took me under her wing as a new horse mom and went above and beyond to help me make sure that the dream of owning a horse became a reality. I have learned so much and she has taught me with so much patience, love, and understanding while always encouraging me that I could do it (and never a hint of laughter or frustration even when I put the saddle on backwards). My son has blossomed under Kirsten and his love of the other horses, cats, beautiful scenery and Mr. Mark’s heavy farm equipment has made his experience even more enjoyable. Words cannot adequately express my sincere gratitude for Kirsten and Mark. We are beyond blessed to be a part of the farm family.”

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