From Kasia Wilusz, Burlington, CT

For the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to observe Kirsten Lee work with young Pony Clubbers on often unsuitable mounts.  Her natural ability to effectively communicate to these aspiring riders is unsurpassed.  It’s amazing how quickly positive change happens with just the adjustment of seat and hands and positive reinforcement. These kids come out of the ring happier and excited for their next ride.

I’ve become so impressed with Kirsten I now trailer over 6 hours to have her work with me as a rider and the retraining of my mare.  In just a few sessions, she has my mare rounding and coming onto the bit in a more balanced carriage-something I thought I would never get.

The most obvious difference in Kirsten’s methods from other trainers I’ve worked with is she takes the time to assess and get to know the animal as a “person.” She’s not just applying 1 method for all of her charges.  She gets into each of their heads and figures out what will work with this horse in this moment.  Then, she takes the capabilities of the rider and brings them together in a way that is just magical.

Thank you, Kirsten, for me, my daughters, their horses, and many Pony Clubbers and their mounts!

Kasia Wilusz, Burlington, CT



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