Server move done!

The long spell of sun and hay
kept me completely AFK
The server move, once muchly needed
Has indeed been completed!

If there are errors bugs or crashes
Or pages burning down to ashes
Seek the admin email please
Ill bring the server off its knees.


Upcoming Server Move…

Good afternoon to our loyal readers and friends,

I will be changing server in the next few weeks to a newer, faster, more current… and hopefully therefore better and more stable… machine. Please bear with me as I move sites one after another and test the new infrastructure as we go along. It should be largely pain free, but with technology, you never know.

At any rate, please consider this advance warning… the sites may appear down from time to time, but neither Kirsten nor I are going anywhere, just moving services :=)



A few site updates…

Mark here,

Just a quick word that the site is being updated for clarity and presentation this morning, and we’re about done. If it’s been up and down, or absolutely hideous from time to time, it’s my fault :=)

Best to all, and today looks like a marvelous day to ride. I’ll be out there myself shortly.



Combined Select & Special Sales.

Added images in category view for horses for sale.

Deleted extraneous home page links

Updated page footer links

Web Whisperer update

Good Morning,

First, I’d like to post a quick note to everyone that the Special Sales and Select Sales pages have been updated to include the photos we’ve previously had on file for the various horses for sale.

Second, as more updates get made, I’ll be announcing them as I can.

Third… greetings… I may be learning to speak horse, but my web-whisperer skills appear to be coming into being! Watch out for great things on the horizon!


Mark aka….

The Web Whisperer