Tomorrows Destrier, Today!

Metallica, my backup mount for Siege of Glengary, has officially started her weapons training! Huzzah!

For those who are curious as to what it takes to train a horse for the medieval equestrian games (and not content with a lot of patience as an answer!) I have started to document her training on Horses…Naturally! as patience and trust bear relevance to all disciplines of horsemanship.

Please follow along at your leisure!



Dolly Madison to miss Siege of Glengary 2009 Equestrian

It is sadly and with heavy heart,
Do heavy horse not take her part,
Unsound of hoof shall miss the beat
Of drums and chants and marching feet

A mighty steed made weak by chance
And foul unlucky happenstance
Siege of Glengary will miss her thunder
Until the next year’s tales of wonder


Yep, unless an especially kind Lord creates miracles of hoof growth, my mighty warhorse Dolly will miss Siege of Glengary.

She is, of course, receiving the absolute best of care, but there is no reasonable expectation that shell be anything resembling sound in 10 days… and it would probably be unwise to try even if she does make radical moves towards four-leggedness.

As far as my riding goes, I will be continuing to work with Ally to prepare for the Equestrian Games at Siege of Glengary 2009.

I suppose there are a lot worse fates in this world than having a big, beautiful Clydesdale with lots of feather to ride as an alternate mount. They are about the same size heightwise, and its possible that Dollys barding will fit. And shes a Scot breed, so its even appropriate!

Of course, the only less period name I can think of than Dolly Madison happens to be Metallica, Allys proper name! LOL I hope everyone has a sense of humour!

Well, that all for now. Assuming no major training/weapons issues, Ill be changing mounts for Glengary.

Sliante Mhath!


Modern Medieval Cavalry Drills

In 1862 Brigadier General Phillip Cooke compiled “Cooke’s Cavalry Tactics” to educate and train cavalry horsemen.  Sir Wulfric Peverel of Meridies rewrote the relevent portions of the manual for SCA Equestrian use.  Click here to enjoy!

SCA Joust Training

Jousting Training at a recent Southern Horde practice in South Carolina.

We do not know who to thank for this footage, but Thank You!

Ailenor’s Equestrian Practice

Our southern cousins Lady Alienor and Lord Reinmar hosted an SCA equestrian practice at their farm.  We loaded up the beasties and dragged Scott and Noel along as well.  Scott and Noel rode at Siege of Glengary when we hosted the equestrian events. Noel now owns my old warhorse, Sioux, veteran of Gulf Wars.  It was just like old times!

The two young horses I brought had never played the games before.  Gideon was a little leery–especially of the heavy machinery next door! Lucy, my Thoroughbred racetrack rescue, took it all in stride:

Lucy, 5 yo TB mare for sale, cross-trains at an SCA medieval equestrian practice


Lucy, all around TB mare for sale, cross trains at an SCA equestrian practice

Lucy, all around TB mare for sale, jousting at the quintain

Our novice horses faced new places, new horses, and new challenges…even new outfits!  The natural horsemanship foundation laid at home gave them a solid grounding for acceptance and quick mastery of new experiences. Clicker training accelerated the horses’ comfort level with flailing swords, bobbing lances and billowing costumes.

Everyone rode well and had a blast!  Lady Brandwyn Alston again marshalled.  Our thanks to the ground crew who kept everything running quickly and smoothly. My hands were too full with 2 horses to take photos. Next time I promise to get more!

Ride To the Middle Ages

Saturday morning lessons finished, I played hooky from farmwork and snuck over the Potomac to an Atlantian equestrian practice.  Lady Alienor graciously shared her steeds with me.

Lady Alienora and JR

Lady Alienora and JR at the Reed Chop

Atlantia’s Deputy Earl Marshal of the Horse, Lady Brandwyn Alston of the Rift, marshaled a day of medieval horsemanship.

SCA medieval equestrian game of tilting the rings

Several of the riders are also musicians.  Impromptu concerts sprang up during breaks.

Gorgeous day in the pouring sunshine, doing the things I love most in the world, while ethereal voices sang period ballads under the pavilion. Yup, great times had by all!


Sca Equestrian Practice

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