From Kasia Wilusz, Burlington, CT

For the past 10 years I have had the opportunity to observe Kirsten Lee work with young Pony Clubbers on often unsuitable mounts.  Her natural ability to effectively communicate to these aspiring riders is unsurpassed.  It’s amazing how quickly positive change happens with just the adjustment of seat and hands and positive reinforcement. These kids come out of the ring happier and excited for their next ride.

I’ve become so impressed with Kirsten I now trailer over 6 hours to have her work with me as a rider and the retraining of my mare.  In just a few sessions, she has my mare rounding and coming onto the bit in a more balanced carriage-something I thought I would never get.

The most obvious difference in Kirsten’s methods from other trainers I’ve worked with is she takes the time to assess and get to know the animal as a “person.” She’s not just applying 1 method for all of her charges.  She gets into each of their heads and figures out what will work with this horse in this moment.  Then, she takes the capabilities of the rider and brings them together in a way that is just magical.

Thank you, Kirsten, for me, my daughters, their horses, and many Pony Clubbers and their mounts!

Kasia Wilusz, Burlington, CT



Imperial Vision – 2003 TB Gelding

Vision is a lovely, 2003, 16 hand bay TB gelding. He was too slow for the track and was retired in 2007.  He had several years of let-down time as a pasture pet before he came here to find his next career.

Viz is a beautiful mover with a good brain and a kind heart.  He is willing and obedient, but us not above getting a little frisky with too much vacation time! He has been started over fences and with lateral work.  He is currently not in regular work (through owner’s limitations-no fault of his own),thus currently asking $1250.00.

Viz’s paparazzi needs to get on the ball and take some current video!!! Until then, here is Viz’s  introduction to related fences:

This is Viz’s first introduction to jumping, taken a few days after he arrived.  We were thrilled with his rolling canter and easy rhythm, which has only improved with schooling!

Our working student fell in love with Viz on sight.  This is maybe his third ride since coming out of retirement:

They moved on into the field without skipping a beat:

Hi Mom!

I’ve battled with gmail the past few days trying to send pictures of Noche to his owner, to no avail. So, he gets his own blog post!

Noche is happy as a clam with his buddy Caber, muddy from a recent roll.  They particularly love to race up the long hill.  I was hoping to get a picture of them thundering up for feeding but they were already waiting for me- I think they know when we break out the camera!

New Pictures of Coltie, Gypsy Sporthorse

I can’t believe how fast Coltie is growing up!  Mark and I still have yet to agree on a “real name” 🙂 He just keeps getting nicer and nicer, and still has the same phenomenal, teddy-bear temperament.  He sure has his daddy’s Gypsy Cob conformation!  His wild Gypsy mane is on the OTHER side!

Coltie was born on April Fools Day in 2008.

Used Bates Caprilli Close Contact Saddle for sale. Rare-Flocked panels!

This is a used Bates Caprilli Close Contact Saddle.  I had the CAIR panels replaced with Flocked panels, and love the results!  Not all horses respond well to the CAIR panels, so the flocking is a great, and RARE, alternative.   I have ridden in this saddle just a few times since I got it reflocked and one time it was squeaky.  The saddler assured me the tree is sound.  I am assuming the squeak will disappear altogether with use.

It has a 16 1/2 ” seat and long flaps ideal for longer legged riders.  It has the adjustable gullet system, with the white-extra wide gullet currently installed.   It is in good used condition- I rode it to several year-end high point horse show titles last year.  It has a great “bomber jacket” type patina which seems to “absorb” scratches and dings.

I am asking $1000.oo or best reasonable offer.

Crosby Dressage Saddle, “Robert Dover” Freestyle II For Sale

This is a wonderful, old style Crosby Dover Freestyle II.  It has a 17 1/2″ seat, medium tree that fits very generously, more like a medium wide, and narrow twist.  The molded flap and concealed thigh blocks allow you to sustain a correct, effective seat  and close feel without locking you in place like so many modern, overpadded saddles.  Slightly forward flaps accommodate the long-legged rider.

Saddle is in good used condition. Stitching is tight, leather is soft and conditioned. The panels are soft, smooth and even.

There are some minor scratches and markings on the back of the cantle from old nameplates.  The seat shows some discoloration, which is not evident when you are riding, as do the underside of the sweat flaps.  All of the marks are cosmetic and don’t affect the function or comfort of the saddle at all.

Billets are nylon reinforced with leather stitched on either side.  There is one section that has loose stitching, though still perfectly safe and not stretched due to the nylon.

The tree is sound and the billets are tight, the saddle is ready to ride and certainly clean enough for showing.

I am asking $850 or best reasonable offer.

Bond Street All Purpose Adjustable Saddle For Sale

Used 17″  Bond Street all-purpose saddle in great condition.  Tree is solid and the stitching tight.  There are a few scratches in the  leather which are not noticeable unless you are very close.  Any discoloration in the photos is due to Leather Therapy that hadn’t yet been fully absorbed.

Bond Street saddles are unique in 2 ways.  One is the memory foam seat and panels, which offer unparalleled comfort to both horse and rider.  The other is the adjustable tree, which offers a custom fit with the turn of an allen wrench.  Solve the problem of sore backs or hard to fit horses.

This saddle was $2500 new.  They are now called Cynron saddles, and sell for over $4000.  I am asking $1200 or best reasonable offer.

Abetta Trinity/Serenity Endurance Saddle for Sale

This is a lightly used Abetta Trinity/Serenity endurance saddle with a  15″ seat and extra wide 7″ full quarter horse bars for a fantastic fit.  This lightweight saddle has a super-comfy memory foam seat to make those long hours in the saddle feel effortless!  It also features an extra high cantle for additional back support, comfort and security.

I’ve only ridden in this saddle a handful of times.  The fleece underside is in like-new condition.   I put a different pair of fenders on (in picture)–you will get those plus the original Abetta fenders (which are in even better shape).  Stirrups themselves are not included.  Asking $299.00.

Riding Instruction/ Horse Training Testimonial From Theresa Johnson, Shepherdstown, WV

Riding After Fifty

I came to riding later in life than most.  I had always wanted to ride but never had the opportunity.  As my children left home, I found that I had the time to explore riding.  My first experience with lessons locally was not what I what I had hoped for as I was riding with young children under the age of ten; after a few months I decided to try another riding center. Along the way, I found a nice little horse, a Quarter horse and bought him.   And where I was learning  to ride him, I found that I wanted more-I wanted to know him, what motivates him and  how to better communicate with him.

I was introduced to Kirsten and felt that she had the personality that would work well with me.   She  has provided me with riding instruction along with information on the personality of my horse,  With that information, I can better work with him as a teammate.  I found that riding is not controlling a horse but working together.  Kirsten has provided me with professional instruction.  To begin with, she has encouraged me in all my lessons, and rather than feeling that I will never “get it” when it comes to riding because of my age, Kirsten acknowledges all improvements in my quest.  Any one who is older or who rode as a child and is a little nervous about returning to riding, I encourage you to work with Kirsten as she is  positive and patient. As an educator, I find that Kirsten possess the skills of  great teachers.

Kirsten’s knowledge of horses, horse care, and training is amazing.  I also like that Kirsten is experienced in different areas of riding;  jumping, dressage and trail riding, just to name a few. You won’t find yourself preparing for jumping if your interest is in dressage.   She knows both the English and Western disciplines.  She has me riding in open fields with confidence.  When riding with Kirsten, you feel energized, confident and pleased with your work.  For those of us who are new to riding or are returning to it after a number of years, I think you will find  that Kirsten is the perfect instructor.  I hope you have the opportunity to work with Kirsten Lee as she will take you and your horse to a level of riding that I found no where else. Good luck to you and enjoy the ride.

Arabian Saddle Company “Solstice” Endurance Saddle for Sale

Arabian Saddle Company “Solstice” Endurance Saddle , 17 1/2 inch seat, extra wide gullet.  Good used condition.  I just had the billets professionally replaced by the master craftsmen at Journeymen Saddlery in Middleburg, VA.  This saddle cost $2300 new!!!

I am cleaning out the tack room and every saddle that is not in regular use has got to go!

solstice saddle-left side
solstice saddle-left side
solstice saddle for sale-width
solstice saddle for sale-width
solstice saddle-rear
solstice saddle-rear
solstice saddle- ID numbers on flap
solstice saddle- ID numbers on flap
solstice saddle-right side
solstice saddle-right side