Natural Horsemanship Training with Cavaletti

Natural horse trainers look for creative ways to use their environment to help train their horses. Cavaletti, also called ground poles, are unsung heroes in creating a bridge between horse training equipment and the horse’s environment.

Cavaletti, the Italian word meaning “little horses,” are traditionally poles stabilized by X-shaped supports at each end. The word has come to refer to any raised or unsupported ground poles used in horse training.Cavaletti are placed a particular distance apart to regulate and shape the horse’s stride. For the average horse, standard distances are:

* Trotting: 4-5 feet apart

* Walking or cantering: 9-10 feet apart

Adjust the standard distances for your horse’s individual stride. Begin with just one pole when training the horse. Gradually add additional rails, consistently and correctly placed. Eventually your horse will be comfortable maintaining his rhythm and impulsion through a series of 6-8 rails.

Training your horse over cavaletti brings a barnfull of benefits. Correct use of Cavaletti will:

* Strengthen the horse’s topline

* Build agility, strength and endurance

* Increase regularity of rhythm

* Develop suspension in the gaits

* Prepare a horse for jumping

* Add refreshing variety to a training session

Once your horse is confident through a series of poles comfortably placed, you can enhance his natural gaits by modifying the excercise. Shorten the distance between the rails to collect the horses stride. Increase the distance to lengthen the horse’s stride. To train a horse to increase the suspension and elevate his steps in all his gaits, raise the ground poles on safe, secure supports.

Each time a horse steps correctly over cavaletti, he steps closer to acheiving his full athletic potential.  Move to the next step in your cavaletti training GRADUALLY and backtrack a step if the horse gets confused or frightened.

Safety Tip: Because Cavaletti influence the horse’s strides, they increase the chance of the horse interfering with himself. Considering outfitting your horse with sturdy, well-fitting leg protection to minimize the chance of injury.

Used Saddles For Sale

The key to natural horsemanship and balanced seat riding is to be able to freely balance and control your various body parts.  A saddle can make that easy… or downright impossible.

A saddler once measured my femurs and discovered they were 2 inches longer than they should be for a person of my height. That explains a lot of my personal riding challenges. It also makes it tough to find a saddle that actually fits me!

I’ve decided to clean out the tackroom and sell saddles I’ve accumulated trying to find ones that fit me or a particular horse.  Each one is good for balanced seat riding in English disciplines.  I know that they will be a a vital part of someone else’s harmony and success with their horses!

Are you looking for a new used saddle to take you and your horse to the next level?  Read the following posts. I may have a saddle for sale that will fit your needs and your horse!  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. As always, I’m committed to win-win-win situations where you, me and the horse all come away happy!

Used Wintec Isabell Werth Dressage Saddle For Sale

I bought this saddle this summer and after just a handful of rides realized the flaps are just too short for my looooong legs.  Remember that post about femurs 2 inches too long? So this wonderful, lightly used dressage saddle is for sale.
I was really disappointed because the Wintec Isabell has some incredible features you just can’t find in most common, affordable saddles.  My favorite features include:

  • The set back stirrup bar to allow your leg to go where it needs to be for an effortless effective seat (unfortunately for me my legs don’t fit it!)
  • The Y-girthing system to balance the saddle and distribute weight more evenly
  • The fLeXiBiLiTy offered by the interchangeable gullet system (vital when developing horses to their fullest potential)

For the natural horseman looking for balance, adjustibility and freedom in a Dressage saddle, the Wintec Isabell can’t be beat!  Check it out on Ebay at

I bought  this dressage saddle lightly used and rode in it just a handful of times.

used wintec isabell werth dressage saddle for sale


used wintec isabell werth dressage saddle for sale


used wintec isabell werth dressage saddle for sale


used wintec isabell werth dressage saddle for sale back

Used Saddle Crosby Prix des Nations For Sale

Heads up all you natural hunter-jumper riders! This is a wonderful, classic style Crosby Prix des Nations close contact saddle. It is a 17 1/2 inch seat with a long flap and wide tree. I bought it used. It still has a nameplate from a previous owner on the back. You can easily remove it– replace it with your own!

This saddle has been well used and well cared for. It shows the wear and underside colorations typical of a used saddle. All marks are cosmetic and consistent with the saddle being used.

The leather is in good repair and the stitching is sound. The billets were replaced by the previous owner. The one exception is the right sweat flap has come away from the saddle flap, as shown in the photo. This is not a stress point and doesn’t affect the use of the saddle. This has happened with just about every Crosby I have come across.

The Crosby Pris des Nations is well balanced and gives an amazingly close feel of your horse, making it ideal for English natural horsemanship and jumping. It’s the next best thing to bareback…with the benefits of stirrups! It has set the standard in the show ring for decades.

If you are the kind of horseman who hates all the knee rolls and padding that have become so popular, and enjoy freedom, balance and closeness with your horse, this classic saddle is for you!  Make it yours at

used crosby prix des nations close contact saddle for sale

Used Crosby Prix des Nations Saddle for Sale

Used Crosby Prix des Nations Saddle For Sale

Used Crosby Prix Des Nations Saddle for sale

used crosby prix des nations for sale