Used Saddles For Sale

The key to natural horsemanship and balanced seat riding is to be able to freely balance and control your various body parts.  A saddle can make that easy… or downright impossible.

A saddler once measured my femurs and discovered they were 2 inches longer than they should be for a person of my height. That explains a lot of my personal riding challenges. It also makes it tough to find a saddle that actually fits me!

I’ve decided to clean out the tackroom and sell saddles I’ve accumulated trying to find ones that fit me or a particular horse.  Each one is good for balanced seat riding in English disciplines.  I know that they will be a a vital part of someone else’s harmony and success with their horses!

Are you looking for a new used saddle to take you and your horse to the next level?  Read the following posts. I may have a saddle for sale that will fit your needs and your horse!  Feel free to ask any questions in the comments section. As always, I’m committed to win-win-win situations where you, me and the horse all come away happy!

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