370 Days of Grace…

It’s not that I didn’t mark the 365th, it’s that I haven’t had time to post. It was funny… I spent all day joking with Kirsten about making Grace a carrot cake for her “Bower Birthday” which also happens to be the anniversary of our engagement… we ended up going out to dinner to celebrate the event and the waitress brought us… you guessed it. Carrot Cake. Yummy. Too bad though, I didn’t really think the cake was all that healthy for growing ponies 🙂

On the plus side, she gets two birthdays every year 🙂 Mar 30th and Nov 13th!

SO now a few more days have passed, and a year more.. and boy, has Grace just grown into an amazing, amazing horse. She’s somewhere in that awkward stage between adolescence and adulthood, but every inch of her carriage and poise is that of the most regal and high duchess of horsedom.  it’s amazing just how social she is, and how… it’s hard to describe… -present-. She expects to be part of things. Her curiousity and intelligence are written all over her face and her expressions. What a welcome addition she’s been to the family 🙂 Matter of fact, she’s rather central to it 🙂

Thank you, Tonia!  Thank you thank you 🙂 We couldn’t be happier 🙂


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