From Mimi Davis, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Farm Manager

From Mimi Davis, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Farm Manager and Trainer at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center, Kentucky Horse Park, Lexington, KY:

Without Kirsten Lee and her unique knowledge and patience with a horse, one of our many retired thoroughbred racehorses would have been labeled a ‘bad horse’. Sunsmanship’s first days with human contact at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center were written in the charts as “breaks lose, does not like contact, needs attention, high maintenance”. Sunsmanship needed special attention and Kirsten paid us a visit just in time.. ‘Sunny’, as he is affectionately known now, spent two separate days of only one hour or so with Kirsten and his life changed.

We work with retraining these Thoroughbreds all year. ‘Sunny’ is now placed in a loving home because Kirsten helped him- and us- to learn that he loves human attention and will thrive now with it!!!! Thank you Kirsten, and when are you coming back to help others?

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2 Responses to From Mimi Davis, Thoroughbred Retirement Foundation Farm Manager

  1. Vivian Rowe says:

    I am the owner of Sunny, aka Sunsmanship. When my husband and I visited Makers Mark , it was love at first sight for me and Sunny.
    I have had him well over a year now, and still love him as much as the first day. He is my buddy, and I am his “person”.
    We still have times when he can be a handfull, but he understands that I will not stand for it.
    Yes, he’s spoiled, and yes, he can be needy. But we have worked through most of our issues, and he has a forever home with me.
    I am so glad someone like Kirsten worked with my boy. He has made my sunshine brighter!

  2. Kirsten says:

    Vivian, you made my day and brought tears to my eyes! I am SO happy to hear Sunny is loved and doing well. He is an amazing, special horse. Please, please, do you have any pictures you can email? I would love to see him in his new, happily-ever-after home! Thank you!

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