From Scott & Teresa White, White Sands Farm, Lovettsville, VA

From Scott & Teresa White, White Sands Farm, Lovettsville, VA Breeders of FPS and FHANA Registered Friesians:

In 2003 due to personal and professional time constraints we found ourselves in need of a trainer that had the ability to work with several horses at different levels of training. In particular, they needed to be able to condition our horses for the annual inspection. Kirsten did a fantastic job juggling the horses and working with each horse on an individual basis. Kirsten worked with some of the young horses from leading to groundwork, loading, clipping etc. Kirsten also did a fantastic job starting the green horses from round penning to under saddle work.

Kirsten’s dependability, flexibility, dedication and willingness to continue a lesson until the horse truly understands what she is asking thoroughly impressed us. Kirsten is certainly one of those fortunate people that really have a special way of communicating with the horses. She is completely trustworthy and has a very calm and steady disposition even in those tense moments with young horses, and she takes extra time to study the horse and its reactions to things to help her do a better job. Kirsten isn’t the type of trainer that just rides the horse and then is on to the next horse, she takes time to fill you in on how the horse does each and every day so you can truly monitor the horses progress.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

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