Brand Your Business In a Flash!

I spent waaaaay too much time tonight over at VistaPrint having more fun than should be legal late night online. No it’s not a gambling site, nor an online dating connection but a graphic design service. Ok, so I have a geek streak a mile wide. I admit it!

We all hear about how vital branding is to our business success. We all know we need to project an image as professional as our services. VistaPrint allows you to create with ease a complete line of business support materials. You can upload your logo or photos or access their extensive selection of stock graphics. Even better, their prices range from reasonable to absolutely free!

I played around with a couple of current business ventures. I tried out various themes and color combinations on products ranging from pens, sticky notes and promotional calendars to ball caps, calendar magnets and t-shirts.

If I had used this just as an exercise in branding it would have been time well spent. Comfortable or edgy, elegant or funky-the answers to these questions define our professional identity. Naturalhorsetrainer has a different persona than ThatHorse! The message and the vehicle that conveys that message are distinct. Playing around at Vista Print helped me solidify nuances of my brands and served as a springboard to launch new ideas.

Best yet, I ordered a bunch of fun stuff plastered with my handiwork–a blend of my brainstorming and VistaPrint’s supurb range of top-notch options. “Best Printing, Best Price” is VistaPrint’s slogan. I can’t wait to get my goodies– and promote my brand and business!

I’ll let you know how they turn out!

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