Saddle Selection

Spring has sprung, the daffodils tell us. The horses agree as they gaze out over the hayfields that are growing so fast you can hear it. Riders’ thoughts are turning to, well, riding, and the increased freedom encouraged by good footing, beautiful weather and woods exploding back into life.

Several of our boarders have new horses, and some of the horses have new riders. Saddle selection and fit is a hot topic of conversation. Natural horse trainers know that comfort and safety supersize performance. A saddle doesn’t need to be expensive, but a saddle that fits both horse and rider AND is built and balanced for the job or sport intended is key to success.

One boarder is looking at Big Horn synthetic saddles. She likes the light weight and the additional suede coverage on the seat and jockeys. The balanced design and extra “stick-um” are perfect for her kids that are new to horsemanship. The affordable price tag is also attractive, especially since The Horse Saddle Shop offers free shipping on top of their low prices and amazing customer service!

Another plus: their downloadable templates and library of free saddle wisdom help you find the perfect fit for you and your horse.

Mark will be looking for a new saddle soon as well. I think we’ve found our winner!

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  1. I think a saddle is one of the most important peices of equipment that we can have. So many times horse owners arent educated properly in the purchasing of a saddle. We spend a lot of time and energy in purchasing our horse and dont spend much if any time in researching saddles. The right saddle can enhance our experience with our horses and the wrong saddle can make for a long day and an uncomfortable horse. Spend the time to research and find the best saddle for you and your horse.

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