Almost Heaven Kennel: 180 Miles Apart, 180 Degrees of Separation

Mark patrols CNN with fervor.  This morning, he emailed me a link in disgust.  Apparently, authorities raided the “Almost Heaven Kennel”  in Emmaus, PA.  They rescued 800-1000 animals from this nightmarish menagerie and puppy mill, including miniature horses.  They also discovered 65 carcasses.

Our blood boils at human greed and cruelty even as we cheer on the officials who successfully rescued hundreds of animals from unimaginable conditions.   We deplore this operation that borrows from our name.  We are absolutely dedicated to creating a “heavenly” experience for our horses and riders here in Wild, Wonderful West Virginia.

Almost Heaven Kennel may be located 180 miles away, but they are 180 degrees apart.

Read the full story here.

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