A New World on Horseback

I am juiced to start the day after a phone call with Kathy. She called to touch base on today’s training sessions. Christa wanted to add Ebony to the list, to develop her canter transitions. We agreed it was too windy to practice trailer loading, which is the next hurdle to their updated goal of trail riding in new places. The last thing in the world an unconfident horse new to trailer loading needs is swinging gates and banging doors!

“This is so cool!” I exclaimed while we were plotting strategy. “Your world just keeps getting bigger and bigger!”

The Knock horsewomen have been dedicated to growing their natural horsemanship skills. Over the past few years they have built a solid foundation for enjoying their horses in limitless situations. Instead of hitting the glass ceiling of reaching a goal only to find there’s no place new to go, the Knocks realize that the world of horsemanship is infinite. Yes they can horse show… and they can trail ride, and perform dressage tests and quadrilles (drill team), and three day event and dress up for medieval reenactments, and endurance race, and play polo and polocrosse, and show jump, and team pen… the possibilities pile up!

What a great world to explore in partnership!

What have been some of YOUR a-ha moments?  What skill opened a door for you and your horse that expanded YOUR world?

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