From Jessie Doernberger, Globetrotter

In 2007, I left the country for half a year, forcing me to find a barn for my four-year-old Oldenburg gelding, Volly. As I’d owned this horse since he was a fetus, I was outstandingly picky: he needed tons of turnout; he needed a place where he would be cared for properly, and he needed correct, classical riding that would keep him progressing towards being a respectable dressage horse without pushing him too hard. Also, I needed to be able to afford board.
I had no idea where I would find such a place, until I had the idea of tracking down Kirsten. She had taught me from when I was eight until I was eighteen, from when I couldn’t canter until I could comfortably perform in eventing, dressage, and showjumping. I had always respected and enjoyed her methods of teaching both horses and riders, and I knew she was someone I could trust to provide superb care for my horse and to train him excellently.

I managed to find Kirsten, and I shipped Volly from Connecticut to West Virginia so that he could stay there for the half-year I was away. (In the end, he stayed closer to a year). The first time I visited him, I was thrilled: he was soft, responsive, and full of impulsion; he was receiving correct, balanced training; he wasn’t being asked to do more than a four-year-old should. Most importantly to me, Volly was obviously incredibly happy: he was calm, composed, and confident.

I’ve recently had to move Volly so that I can ride him more than occasionally. Because of his time with Kirsten, he is now a pleasure to ride: light, responsive, impulsive, correct, and, most importantly, happy to do his job every day.

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