Welcome Luna

Luna and her soon-to-be-born Gypsy Sport Horse foal joined our family on winter solstice this year.

Luna Spotted Draft in foal to Gypsy Cob Stallion Jack FLash

Luna Spotted Draft in foal to Gypsy Stallion Jack Flash

Luna had been through four owners since April, through no fault of her own. Luna is a 4 year-old Spotted Draft mare, small despite her Shire blood. She’s sweet, sound and healthy, like so many equine victims of today’s economy.  A foreclosure loomed large in Luna’s recent past, as well as a cancer situation.  She was huge with foal and facing uncertainty with her now-trademark Mona Lisa smile.

We needed another horse like a fish needs a bicycle but Luna needed a safe place to foal.  As has become our mantra during this challenging season in our country, it’s not about what we need but about what needs us.

The sire of Luna’s baby is Jack Flash, a registered Gypsy Cob stallion imported from the UK.  (His owner took the original picture at their Dakota Winds Ranch, and Susan Gallien at Blue Moon Gypsies worked her magic to photoshop the wire fence out of the foreground.)

Jack Flash Gypsy Stallion

Both Luna and the foal will go through our foundational program in classical dressage and natural horsemanship before they specialize.  I can see Luna as a great little all-around mare- fox chasing, local shows and events, dressage… and of course donning garb for medieval reenactments.

Right now it matters not if we are just the open door to their happily-ever-after home.  Luna is happily munching hay on this blustery winter day, Mona Lisa smile keeping her foaling time secret, watched over by people who love her.

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