Birth Announcement!

Luna the spotted draft mare delivered a spirited, strapping colt in the wee hours of the morning.  Both mama and baby are doing great!

The colt’s daddy is Jack Flash, a Gypsy cob stallion imported from the UK. This particular cross gave a 2% chance of producing a chestnut tobiano, yet that describes him!  He looks like a miniature war horse with a perfect chanfron-shaped blaze. The foal will be registered as a Gypsy Sport Horse.

We are tossing around name ideas, playing with baby and doting on mama,  We look forward to a future full of adventures in trail riding, medieval reenacting, dressage, eventing, and just horsing around. It all begins with a natural horsemanship foundation!

We wish you all a Happy April Foals Day!

newborn gypsy sport horse foal

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