Ollie’s First Trail Class

We entered Ollie into the Trail Class on a whim.  We haven’t had the chance to school him through obstacles at home.  We saw the class as a great opportunity to work Ollie through new challenges, and to gauge his reaction to the unusual.

Ollie blew us away! He accepted each new obstacle, and stayed attentive to his rider (me!) the entire time.

Unfortunately we beat Mark, our trusty videographer, to the Trail Course.  The first obstacle was removing a letter(a feed bill perhaps?) from the mailbox and putting it back in.  Mark was still setting up as Ollie stood still, interested but relaxed, as I fumbled with the mailbox.

The video picks up as we step across the wooden bridge and progress through the 360 turn, the sidepass over a rail, and cavaletti.  We continue through the squeaky gate, the backup into a tight cluster of trees, and the trot figure eight.

Ollie continues to prove the versatility of the American Saddlebred Sport Horse.  Way to go, Ollie!

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