Siege Of Glengary Equestrian Schedule

Oyez, oyez!

Equestrian Activities at the SIege of Glengary will commence on Friday, Sept 27 according to the following schedule.

(Please note, times and activities are open to modification and interpretation!)

Tentative Schedule:

3:00 Marshalls arrive, settle in.  Site open to horses.
all hands help set up!
5:00-6:00 Authorizations (by appointment), practice
8:00-9:00 Tentative Crestfallen Torchlight Tourney

8:30 Aethelmearc EEquestrian Authorizations (by appointment only)
9:00 Mandatory Riders meeting for all equestrians.  Be sure to hand in TYPED blurb for herald in procession!
10:00 Procession
11:00-1:00 Games, IKEqC
2:00-4:00  Challenge Course: Quest for the Sylver Apple

All hands help breakdown
All horses off site by noon

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