An Unexpected Season

I chuckled sadly when I noticed that the last post in the blog was Mark’s exhortation of wearing helmets every time, every ride.  The post was his response to Courtney King-Dye’s accident.   She was not wearing a helmet.  The results may have been very different had she been.  We’ve been praying for her and are so grateful as she continues to recover.  But for us, helmets remain; every time, every ride.

I only chuckled at the irony.  Since then, I was also involved in a bad accident. Naturally I was wearing my helmet.  I know by the way I landed my results would have been very different had I NOT been.  As it is, I have small fractures in 3 vertebrae that are, thankfully, well on their way to healing completely.   No riding for the next month or so, but teaching and writing are doctor-permitted and self-prescribed 🙂

Spring traditionally sees the young horses’ teeth floated and formal education begun, and the older horses’ return to schooling and showing.  The accident occurred literally the day this season began. For me, forbidden from the saddle, this will be an adventure, a season unlike any other I have experienced.

Let the journey continue!

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