Ideas for Off-Season Fun And Improvement!

The Knock family wanted some suggestions for some off-season goals that went beyond what the horse shows demand. Here are some possible goal ideas to get all your creative juices flowing!

Try a different horseback riding style. If you normally ride English, try western, or cattle cutting
Learn to play polo Crosse
Learn to braid a horse’s mane. Once you have that down pat, learn to braid a tail as well.
Ride horses bareback
Teach your horse to load into a trailer by himself
Learn to bandage a horse’s leg
Play mounted games. Your and your horse will improve while having a blast!
Take a trail ride. If you trail ride already, ride someplace unusual like a state park or a historic battlefield. If you still need a greater challenge, train for a competitive trail ride or an endurance race.
Learn about basic equine emergency first aid.
Do your stretches every time you go horseback riding. You’ll warm up during cold weather and your horsemanship will improve dramatically by spring time!
Go online and learn about the history of your favorite horseback riding styles
Find the best recipe for horse cookies and treats and share them with your friends, both two and four legged
Build challenge obstacles to liven up your horse training sessions
Clean out your barn and donate what you don’t use to a Therapeutic Riding Program or your favorite horse rescue
Sign up for a yoga or Pilates class to improve your fitness, your riding muscles and your horsemanship skills–and GO!

What are some great ideas that you have? We invite you to share them with our community and spread the inspiration!

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