New beginnings, New Goals: The Exercise

First of all, what goals did you achieve this horse show season that you set last spring? Krista and Laura, you both rode well and improved through the year. You won year-end championships while showing good sportsmanship. Kathy, you’re riding Tommy with confidence and control you couldn’t have imagined a few months ago! His behavior has improved light-years since last spring. You even took him to a show just for the experience!

What did you achieve that you hadn’t even set out to? Krista, your goal was to expose Ebony to the shows and together you ended up with an armful of year end awards–even after a last minute change from western to English. You even learned to jump and showed in jumping classes as well!

What did you notice the others achieving? (I’ll make those teenage sisters find good things in each other, no matter what it takes!)

Now, what goals do you want to achieve this winter towards next horse show season? What new skills do you need to master before you move up a division? Laura, you’ll need to learn to lope. Krista, you’ll need to make flying lead changes second nature, and jump harder courses. Kathy, maybe you want to take Tommy in a class in the show.

Now, what do you want to accomplish over the winter that has nothing to do with shows? This is my favorite question! I’ll give you some examples. Laura, you might want to try riding English. Learn to play polocrosse (a personal passion). Ride bareback. Learn to bandage a leg. Play mounted games. Take a family trail ride. Understand basic emergency first aid.

As I rattle a list off the top of my head, Kathy is nodding. “Yes, yes, yes! Keep going, they all sound good!”

So break out your brains and set some goals. Where do you want to be with your horse in the spring? What goals are specific to you? We’d love to hear from you! And if you send us your email address (we never, ever would sell it), we’ll be happy to send you periodic reminders–and help keep you motivated as well!

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