New Beginnings, New Goals

The Knocks completed their final horse show on Sunday. In some ways, it has been a test of endurance as well as skill. Despite their great success this season, I think everyone is ready for a break.

I’m ready too. Its my responsibility as their trainer and instructor to determine what will work best between shows to help them peak on show day as well as continue improve throughout the horse show season. We target specific goals from show to show. We use natural horse training methods to bring about show ring success, both western and English. We still have fun while the girls’ horsemanship improves in focused areas.

With show season over, open months lie before us. Now, we can play in a wider variety of areas. Now we can really explore the endless world of natural horsemanship without the deadline of the next horse show. Come spring, the girls will be stronger, more knowledgeable and more well-rounded horsewomen as a result.

I call them into the center of the ring. “Your homework for next week is to think about the questions I’m about to ask you, and to write down your answers. Success experts have proven again and again that written goals are reached the majority of the time where unwritten goals usually don’t get met. We’re going to take their word for it! Kathy, even though you don’t show, I want you to do these exercises too.”

(At this point, readers, I invite you to take out a pencil and paper or open a blank document and join in the fun–and the power– of this exercise! Join us in creating powerful changes over the next few months! This is for ANY horseman or horsewoman, not just horse show riders!)

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