Horse Blankets

How quickly things change! Daylight savings time now has us out working in the dark, while bitter winds blow around us.

I started my inventory of blankets last week. I pulled out my blanket barrels to see what’s what. Some blankets need repairs, while others are completely demolished. Even these are useful: intact patches of fabric can be used to repair other blankets, as can the straps and buckles. Young horses have grown out of last year’s models. Horses sold have left extra blankets unclaimed. My task is to match warm, weatherproof protection with the horse it fits.

The heavenly herd at Almost Heaven Horse Source just unexpectedly grew by seven steeds. I may end up needing to buy a few new blankets. Its easy to waste a lot of money on blankets that are doomed to destruction by rambunctious horses. After so many years of playing this game, I know what I want in a horse blanket and how to buy it economically.

It sounds like my preparations are timely. They are calling for sleet this weekend….

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