The Rubber Meets the Road

Today was an Avalon day. The light November rain washed gold and copper leaves–a beautiful backdrop for all the outdoor work I needed to get done: mending fence lines and planning new cross fencing to accommodate new boarders, deciding on the placement for the new shed which will be coming shortly, and planning pasture rotation for the various herds of horses.

I look around the rolling hills of Almost Heaven and sigh. This is where the rubber meets the road. We will bring Testimony to her new home on Tuesday.

The filly is priceless. As her owners explained, she “is a testimony to God’s love and grace.” She is also a testimony to my soon-to-be fiancee’s radical love and commitment to making dreams come true. My knee jerk reaction is to swaddle her in bubble wrap.


I am committed to giving horses “the best of both nature and knowledge” (TM). Horses here at Almost Heaven live in small herds in natural pastureland because that is what’s best for them. And this priceless filly, this testimony of love, is pure Horse.

She will live outside in a herd. She’ll get boo-boos because she’s too big for her shiny black britches and will challenge her herdmates. She’ll learn valuable lessons in teamwork, and in freedom. I’ll wince when I clean up her cuts, when I carefully work the burrs out of her cascading ebony mane.

But when we work together I’ll thrill in her strength, knowing that she knows who and what she is. Pure Horse… naturally!

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  1. Tink says:

    (tear, sniff, sniff) This is great and the next post is amazing. God has something amazing planned for you and your true love.

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