Outdoor Classroom: A Teacher Turns to Natural Horse Training

Trina had her first groundwork lesson today. Her daughter shows hunt seat and has been riding with me for close to a year. This is their first focused foray into the world of natural horsemanship in ground training.

Trina has good instincts around the horses. She is a teacher by profession. We were talking about the importance of attitude and approach. “When you’re practicing on your own, allow your horse to be your mirror and your teacher” I explained. “Don’t think, ‘bad horse, you did something wrong.’ Instead, ask ‘what is this horse telling me about how I’m communicating with her? What can I do to be make myself clear?'”

Trina nodded. “That’s how I approach teaching,” she remarked. “I have a lot of students with learning disabilities. I have to put myself in their shoes, try to think how they think and figure out how best to teach them.”

Well spoken, Trina! That attitude will carry you far!

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