Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Some semblance of peace has replaced the hubbub of the holidays: Denise and I actually took a trail ride the other day. And with New Year’s Eve looming, my thoughts naturally turn to resolutions.

I pulled out my goal sheets from last year. I mentally checked off the “completes” as I read down the list. I was surprised and excited by how many I had achieved, even when I wasn’t thinking about it. That’s part of the power of written goals.

Written goals wield awesome influence . Psychologists and neurologists have proven that the odds of completing a goal increase by 80-90% once you write them down. The ability to look back and literally check them off the list is an added perk. (Yes, I have been known to write down something on my list after I just completed it, just for the satisfaction of checking it off!)

I join a large part of the world in looking forward into 2008, even as I reflect on time passed. What do YOU dream of for you and your horses in this upcoming year? What goals can you set that will change your world when you meet them? This time between-the-years is one of possibility, not of nay-saying. Silence your “yeah-buts” and search your heart for what really matters.

Here are three horse training goals that will really impact my life over the next year:

  • Start Princess Muffinhead under saddle in February. She is my first homebred, and is now as big and beautiful a warmblood mare as you could dream of. To take the time with her will be pure enjoyment for her and I. I have no competitive aspirations with her, and I plan to keep her all our lives. This goal has nothing to do with winning or sales. It is all about loving horses, nothing less.
  • Take time each week to enjoy the horses with my new husband, and to enjoy his journey as he learns to know horses as they really are. I love being a part of the discovery as peoples’ eyes open to the power, wisdom and endless wonder of horses. It’s even more exciting now that it’s someone so close to me.
  • To do something each month for myself that I would do if I were a passionate amateur horse trainer. According to www.dictionary.com, an amateur is “one who has a taste for (something),” from Fr. amateur “lover of,” from O.Fr., from L. amatorem (nom. amator) “lover,” from amatus, pp. of amare “to love.” I’m grateful to be able to make my living with horses, but in the past that has meant doing what brings home the paycheck. I resolve to change that in 2008. Perhaps this means I will take a clinic, or ride in a medieval reenactment (one of my loves), or spiff up Princess Muffinhead for a formalized photo shoot (another love.) I don’t know. I’ll keep you posted!

My goals have to do with enjoyment. For me, horses are the embodiment of joy. As a recovering workaholic, I have let “oughttas” and “shouldas” shoulder out “wannas.” This year I am making that shift back to joy.

What are your goals? When do you plan on achieving them by? (Experts point out that a goal is a dream with a due date!) Most importantly, what will that mean in your life? What is your “why?” What is the juiciness of your goal that will drive you to pursue it regardless of inconvenience, bad weather, or the hundreds of annoying obstacles that will fall across your path?

We’d love to hear from you! Let us know what your goals are and the Natural Horse Training Methods community will support you in achieving them. If you need more goal-setting suggestions and tips for achievement, browse our Guide to Gaining your Goals.

To a healthy, happy and SUCCESSFUL New Year!

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