From Mary Antinozzi, Boston, MA:

From Mary Antinozzi, Boston, MA:

“Why Kirsten is so cool”

When looking back on all the years of my childhood, they are filled to the brim with riding lessons, pony club clinics, camps and lectures. While I remember the knowledge I gained, it is sometimes hard to remember who taught it to me. Although, there is one person who stands out above the fuzzy memories of the others, and that is Kirsten Lee.

Kirsten is responsible for the majority of my effective riding skills and horsemanship. From taking me out of the “kickers and steerers” category she put me on the road toward becoming a well rounded and knowledgeable equestrian. She instilled in me the basics that are lacking in many riding lessons across the country today. Her instruction is thorough, supportive and correct. And besides all that, she is so much fun! She helped me when I cried and she helped me when I won. She taught me how to be a strong rider and face my fears. I strive to “be a Kirsten” to young equestrians that I teach.

I’m lucky that Kirsten was such a large part of my equine education, and even more lucky because she remains a good friend of mine to this very day.

About the author (by the author): Mary has won several World and National titles on the Morgan Horse circuit as well as many blues in novice and training level eventing. She is currently training in England for the British Horse Society exams. That’s just how awesome Kirsten is.

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