From Ginnie Lance, Berryville, VA:

From Ginnie Lance, Berryville, VA:

Kirsten Lee should be considered as a top riding instructor and horse trainer in the area. As a riding instructor, she has the natural ability to interpret the needs of the horse and the rider. Along with being knowledgeable and correct, Kirsten’s instruction style is objective, positive and patient; I have never felt patronized or put down in any way. At the end of the lesson, I feel like I have learned something significant about my horse and myself. Kirsten will always end a lesson on a high note even if it means the lesson runs overtime.

As a trainer, Kirsten utilizes natural horsemanship techniques with amazing results. Her approach to training displays the understanding that only the best trainers have. Kirsten can take the most frightened horse and help it find the confidence of a seasoned veteran in a remarkably short time. Her horses are calm, sensible and willing.

Because of her attitude, professionalism, knowledge and abilities, I have highly recommended Kirsten to my friends and would not hesitate to recommend her again.

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