A Rising Tide Raises All Ships

“A Rising Tide Raises All Ships” my mentors often remind me. Seas of knowledge and waves of fortune buoy and carry all willing vessels with their swells.

GoDaddy.com $1.99 Domains

Denise is our right-hand woman and admin maven. As she helps move the business onwards and upwards, she absorbs and integrates and offers more and more.

Today she stepped into a role left ailing in one of her pet non-profits. She saw where she could apply things she’s learned in our business to breathe new life into the organization. She will resurrected the website using www.GoDaddy.com, our domain provider, and it’s intuitive site building tools. Through Denise’s initiative, the organization will impact hundreds of kids and their families.

It has nothing to do with horses, and everything to do with helping people with a hand up.

We have no idea how far our businesses, the way we run them, and the resources we represent can reach. All we can know is, it is further than we imagine.

A rising tide raises all ships, indeed.

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