Your Business Theme Song

Liz invited me to join her in a 30-day business “Game.” I am excited for two reasons:

1- They speak my language. I think of all my projects, challenges, even relationships as games. It helps me generate motivation, maintain focus and keep perspective in both winning and losing.

2- Your momma was right– you are a reflection of the crowd you run with. Being in active conversation with other entrepreneurs keeps us on the mental playing field with inimitable results.

Question #1: What is your theme song?

That’s easy. In the spiritual arena, The Newboys’ “Devotion.” I remember singing that over and over the first time riding my now-husband’s motorcycle, speeding through the amazing Creation we live in. In my mind’s eye I see the musical freestyle choreographed to that song–complete with banners– that I’ll ride one day with Moriah, my miracle horse.

As to mainstream music, when the movie “St. Elmo’s Fire” came out I was competing in 3-day eventing and climbing my way up the US Pony Club ratings ladder. “Man in Motion” pumped me up for crucial tests, and celebrated joyful victories.

I find it on YouTube and flashback to the teenage me, enjoying the memories it evokes and the new fire it breathes in the face of current challenges. Enjoy!




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