Equestrian Practice Report

5 riders and their steeds braved the chill winds for our first unofficial equestrian practice of the year.  AEthelmearc’s current KEO, Alexander Caithnes,  thumbed his knightly nose at the winter storm warnings and joined us for a day of chivalry, learning, and authorizations prep.  Alli arrived with her whippets to add to the medieval flair.  Mark had squirreled away his camera in his pocket, and snapped these shots perched atop Dolly’s mountainous back:

Armed and elegant! Rachel and Pete

SCA equestrian practice Rachel and Pete

Alexander expounds, Cricket cogitates, and Kirsten tries not to Freeze!

SCA equestrian practice


Worldview from a War Horse: Weapons rack through Dolly’s ears

SCA equestrian practice

Alexander gave us a generous grant towards procuring insurance for official SCA practices. Mark stepped forth to offer the balance.  Many thanks to them for their knightly largesse!

Riders and their mounts:

Scott and Cassandra

Noel and Sioux

Rachel and Pierre Pointille

Mark and Dolly Madison

Kirsten and Red Sonja

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2 Responses to Equestrian Practice Report

  1. my yahoo says:

    Great pictures Mark. Thank you for the contribution for the insurance. Looks like everyone had a great time. When and where will the next practice be?

    Always the same

  2. admin says:

    Kirsten holds the keys to that answer…

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