Happy New Year!

Freezing rain and ice-slick roads confine us to the farm tonight… and there is no place we’d rather be! Mark and I play with the horses well after dark. I trim Grace’s hooves and start teaching her a new trick, and we all marvel at how well Dolly’s hoof is healing.

I flash between enjoying the present, and jumping from past to future. Our culture trains us to make these leaps back and forth through time at New Years. I join the bazillion other pensive people pondering goals achieved– or not–in 2009. I measure the value of addressing last years shortcomings in 2010 or simply letting them rest as outgrown or simply irrelevent.

2010 unfurls before us! More than a day or a week in my planner pages… here is an entire year to dance with! I recall the quote but not the author: “you can have ANYthing you want, but not EVERYthing you want.”

So the question rises before you, before me, as we balance on this cusp between the years (between the DECADES I realize with a start!)

What are the ANYthings that will totally transform your world, your horses and your horsemanship in 2010?

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